OXYGEN 13.02.2023

Oxygen SA moves to the second stage of Strategy for 2020-2025

Oxygen Group has announced the completion of the first stage of its strategy by releasing over 50 mobile games. This year, the subsidiaries will focus on developing the most promising titles. These will include Green Thumb, Sword of Glory and Cards Up! first.

The previously established objectives of Oxygen SA development strategy have been fully achieved. From 2020, the number of titles released gradually increased (2020: 15 titles, 2021: 17 titles, 2022: 20 titles). Data generated by these games, both in terms of gameplay and monetization, was analyzed and subject to additional tests in different countries. 

In the years 2023-2025, Oxygen will begin to implement the results of the analyses carried out in the first stage. Thanks to the various games and genres released, the team has collected enough data from many countries to identify three titles with the greatest chance of commercial success. First of all, the team will focus on their own productions: Green Thumb (simulation of a gardening studio) and Cards Up! (logic game), as well as the title published by Mousetrap Games: Sword of Glory (RPG game). 

How are titles chosen for development in Oxygen Group subsidiaries? 

Oxygen SA user acquisition team checks each released game’s retention (LTV ratio) during the soft launch. This is an indicator of the player’s return to the game, which is tested after one day, week, month and year of installation. When it is low, the promotion of the title is stopped and it is improved. It is important that at least 20% of the players return on the first day, and when it is more than 30%, the team can consider the title to be very promising and check how it does after 7 and 30 days from download. Then, solutions that help to maintain the attention of as many players as possible in the following days are tested. 


– Our strategy adopted in the first three years has resulted in a good understanding of the needs of mobile players and the ability to predict preferences when creating new games. Now we are fine-tuning the best titles and we can predict that the investment in their marketing may soon be returned and we will be able to finance new productions with these funds – says Edward Mężyk, CEO of Oxygen Group. – Part of the team is also working on the best game mechanics for the Web 3.0 world, which we consider to be very promising. I believe that Oxygen will significantly contribute to the popularization of the use of Web 3.0 by mobile players so that they can keep the achievements made in Web 2.0. 


In 2024, the strategy from this year will be continued and the next potential productions for global launch will be selected from the base of the already established titles. In 2025, Oxygen plans to release at least one big mobile title and make a soft launch of other projects that use NFT.

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Oxygen SA is a Polish company operating in the gaming sector, which includes both Wrocław-based Mousetrap Games, HyperCat and Block Dog. The company is listed on the NewConnect (Ticker: OXY). Oxygen Group focuses on the production and publishing activity in the mobile games market, with a particular emphasis on hyper-casual, casual and mid-core games, it also operates in the field of mobile games using web3 technology. Among Oxygen SA partners are also significant mobile game publishers who support the Group in promoting specific titles. So far, these have been companies such as Voodoo, Ubisoft, Deadalic.